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We develop technologies and applications that are based on knowing and understanding music.

Notated, performed, practiced and experienced.

We have developed the world's first search engine for digitized sheet music, an app that links scores with thousands of recordings measure by measure, an IoT platform, apps and devices for pianos, a real-time mobile movement similarity search, and much more.


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Peachnote is an outstandingly progressive Munich enterprise on high technology for music.

Prof. DDDr. Wofgang Mastnak

Music therapist, educator. Member New York Academy of Sciences, International Society for Polyaesthetic Education

Peachnote is having a transformative effect on a musicologist's ability to find patterns in huge numbers of scores and changes over time that would be otherwise lost.

Prof. Michael Scott Cuthbert

MIT Associate Professor, Faculty Director Digital Humanities at MIT

Imagine going to the opera and knowing the score like a conductor. Imagine being able to switch the singers and the orchestra with just a flip of your fingers. These musical superpowers are now at your command with Peachnote.

Opera World

International opera magazine


We are located in Munich, Germany.

We are open to various forms of collaboration. Get in touch at hello @peachnote.com.